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Susan Cobey

Honey bee reproductive biology, instrumental insemination training and germplasm collection, honey bee breeding


Dr. Jennifer Han

Metarhizium field research, selection and production for thermo-tolerance and virulence, molecular strain identification, bioinformatics

Dr. Brandon Hopkins

Honey bee reproductive biology, germplasm collection and cryopreservation, research apiary and diagnostic laboratory oversight, field research

Melanie Kirby

Sustainable beekeeping and honey bee breeding

Dr. Nick Naeger

Metarhizium field research, mushroom extract anti-viral research and field-testing, molecular biology approaches to colony health assessment

Erin O’Rourke

WSU diagnostic laboratory manager, parasitic mite and Nosema sample processing

Saffet Sansar

Beekeeping and honey bee breeding

Dr. Steve Sheppard

Honey bee genetics and evolution, honey bee breedi colony health research, gene diversity and honey bee germplasm acquisition
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