Basu Lab

Metarhizium inoculated brown rice bags in fume hood

Current Projects:

Metarhizium (a sporulating soil fungus) for mite control

This involves the investigation of microbial biopesticides for varroa mite control and understanding the molecular aspects of honeybee-mite-fungus interactions. The development of new temperature-tolerant strains will help create more effective control measures for mites.  The primary goal is to to improve honey bee colony health but this lab also focuses on microbial biopesticide use for other arthropod pests.

Ecosystem Interactions

This involves studying the molecular, biochemical, and ecological aspects of complex ecosystem interactions involving plants, insect (both vector and non-vector), pathogens and microbes in agriculturally important crop systems of PNW to boost crop yield, achieve enhance crop protection and seeking strategies to develop various sustainable, eco-friendy a effective pest and pathogen management strategies.

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