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We’re partnering with Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti to protect honey bees and pollinators. Our renowned global research program works with beekeepers, scientists, environmentalists and communities to improve honey bee and pollinator health. This effort supports research on how fungi can help honey bees.

Together, our work will ensure the thriving pollination system critically needed for domestic and global food security.


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A Global Problem

Honey bees are the single most important pollinator contributing to a healthy global food supply. Declines in insect pollinators worldwide present a challenge for food security. The WSU Honey Bee and Pollinator Research Facility will provide the means to conduct unparalleled research and outreach to create sustainable solutions to problems facing pollinators. Creation of the new state-of-the-art facility will require the financial support from people like you.

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Diagnostic Lab
As part of the research effort on honey bee colony health in the PNW, the Diagnostic Laboratory was set up at WSU in 2008 to evaluate submitted samples for the presence and prevalence of parasites and pathogens.

Breeding Program
The WSU honey bee selection and Breeding Program continues into its 16th year. The program provides selected honey bee stocks to beekeepers through provision of selected queens to the Washington State Beekeepers Association Collaborative Apiaries.

Research Lab
Field research in the apiaries is centered on projects addressing problems of major importance to Pacific Northwest (PNW) beekeepers.

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