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Diagnostic Lab

As part of the research effort on honey bee colony health in the PNW, the Diagnostic Laboratory was set up at WSU in 2008 to evaluate submitted samples for the presence and prevalence of parasites and pathogens. In 2008, over 1800 samples were processed, including those obtained from commercial and hobby beekeeper operations and WSU research apiaries.

We are currently accepting samples from Pacific Northwest beekeepers for analysis of Nosema, Varroa, an Tracheal mite infestations.

Please use the protocol outlined in these documents for collecting samples and include the completed registration form when submitting samples.

2018 Colony Health Data Sheet (PDFWord)

2018 Field Sampling Protocol (PDFWord)

Below are videos showing how to send your samples:

Video #1: Preparing Your Sample for Shipment to the Diagnostic Lab

Video #2: Testing Procedures for Varroa Mite, Tracheal Mite, and Nosema

The diagnostic laboratory continues to provide a service function to PNW beekeepers and while there is no charge for these services, it only continues because of beekeeper donations.

If you have benefited from our program, please consider making a donation.

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